Audrina Patridge Ralph Photos!

May 24, 2010

She is known for her skimpy outfits, among other things, on The Hills but Audrina Patridge’s Ralph magazine photos leave very very little to the imagination. Oh yeas Audrina turns on the sex appeal, if you can call it that and bares much of her buff bod for the magazine. There is more on this pretty spread which of course includes some pictures and a video too.

Audrina Patridge

If you think Audrina Patridge’s Ralph magazine photo spread seems a little similar to the Maxim spread she did last fall well you would be right. It does seem like a rip off but clearly neither the magazine or Audrina care at all. The pictures of Patridge are good, I mean say what you will about the girl but she does have a killer body, boob job and all.

In the spread, which you can see here, there are a couple of shots where Audrina’s chest area is barely covered. Sure there are some things strategically placed so you never get a full shot, especially a front one but you certainly get an eye full. I don’t exactly love the cover I think it is pretty dull but there are a couple of shots inside that aren’t too bad.

Audrina Patridge’s photos are simply just that, the reality TV star wearing very little clothing. There is nothing great about them, she isn’t smoking hot, I mean she is Audrina. I get why she wanted to do it, she needs all the attention she can get before The Hills goes off the air and everyone forgets who the heck she is. I have never heard of this magazine so I guess it is a perfect fit but there is nothing original about it. I say the whole spread is not hot, yes she has a rocking body but lacks the sex appeal to be considered hot but that is just my opinion.

Audrina Patridge 2Audrina Patridge 3Audrina Patridge 4Audrina Patridge 5Audrina Patridge 6

Photos: Eddy/Adriana M. Barraza/Chris Connor/Rachel Worth/Nikki Nelson

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