Paul Hospenthal: Danica Patrick’s Husband

May 25, 2010

Paul Hospenthal, Danica Patrick’s husband, is probably a very proud man. Not only did he land a gorgeous piece of arm candy with beauty and brains, but his race car racing wife qualified for the Indy 500 once again. Read more and see photos here.

Paul Hospenthal

Meet Paul Hospenthal, Danica Patrick’s husband. There is not a whole lot of biographical information regarding Hospenthal. But there are a few facts we know about Paul that we can share. Many sources indicate that Paul was born in and around 1966 in Tacoma, Washington and graduated from the University of Puget Sound in Tacoma.

Paul is a physical therapist who has trained many athletes in various sports. Not only is Paul certified in strengthening but he is also a personal trainer, who also owns his very own practice in Scottsdale, Arizona, called the Desert Institute of Physical Therapy.

It was through a referral that Danica met Paul. It just so happened that back in 2002 Danica injured her hip during a yoga session and Paul was the one to tend to her. And the rest is history. Despite being 20 plus years her junior, the two found love with their passion for life and sports.

About his marriage to Danica Paul says, “I do what I can to make her day better. Sometimes that’s just being around to support her, but sometimes it’s running an errand or picking something up for her. As I saw in baseball, sometimes it’s just seeing (Mark) McGwire sitting over there and leaving him alone. … She does the same for me when I’m on the job at home. She’s always thinking about how can she make my day better, whether that’s ironing my clothes, fixing me breakfast, packing my lunch or running the errands that I need done.”

So what do Paul and Danica do in their free time when they have some? Danica told MSNBC, “My husband I, we love to cook, we take a lot of time and make meals and we watch reality TV. It’s really simple watching, it doesn’t really take a lot of brain power. It’s good. It kind of lets me relax.”

Keep your eyes peeled for Paul Hospenthal, Danica Patrick’s husband, in the stands at the Indy 500 race this weekend!

Paul Hospenthal


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    Cat Says:

    This article about her husband omits to mention that he was suspended a few years ago for conducting a sexual relationship with a 16 year old patient! Not only was he wrongly crossing the patient / therapist line but also she was young enough to be his daughter!