Colleen Zenk Pinter: As The World Turns Actress

May 23, 2010

As The World Turns actress Colleen Zenk Pinter has seen her fair share of drama on screen, unfortunately for the star her real life is becoming as dramatic and her reel life. A little confused and curious, no worries I will explain all plus you can learn all about Colleen and her amazing life. There is of course some fantastic pictures and a video of her doing her thing on the show.

Colleen Zenk Pinter

In what is truly shocking news As The World Turns actress Colleen Zenk Pinter has filed for divorce from her husband of over 23 years Mark Pinter. Shocking right and if that isn’t bad enough she is citing the reason for the divorce is infidelity and abandonment, which is even more shocking. Those two always seemed like the perfect couple and 23 years wow that is a long time, especially for a Hollywood couple. The couple has two children together, although their entire clan is six children, she has one from her previous marriage to Michael Crouch, he has three from his previous marriage.

Colleen was born and raised in the Midwest, Barrington, Illinois to be exact. Colleen began performing at the age of nine and some people may be surprised to find out her background is in dance and music. She went to college at The Catholic University of America. Although she has spent time performing in the Theatre for productions like Hello Dolly, The Music Man ad My Fair Lady to name a few, it is her role on the CBS daytime soap opera that made her a household name. Colleen has played the role of Barbara Ryan since 1978 and will continue to do so until the show ends later this fall.

Her career is certainly a big part of her life but so is giving back. Colleen hosted the New York Easter Seals Telethon for years and has worked with The March of Dimes. She also sat on the board of the first HIV-Aids Hospice in New England, as well as put together a number of productions for drama departments at Universities across the county. Yes she truly is an amazing woman.

In 2007 Pinter was diagnosed with oral cancer which she decided to talk about publicly. She partnered with the Oral Cancer Foundation and her ordeal was written into the show when her character Barbara was also diagnosed with oral cancer. Thankfully she is now cancer free.

Colleen Zenk Pinter is an actress on As The World Turns, in fact she is a major part of the show’s history. She is an amazingly talented woman who has been through a lot of drama on and off screen.

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Photos: Marzullo/Nikki Nelson

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