Lily Allen is the new HOT Thing (Photos and Videos)

May 10, 2007

Lily Allen just started a clothing line called “Lily Loves”, which is great because she looks good in anything. See the sexy photos and video below.

She is the latest hot thing in Great Britain. Lovely girl, and it is nice to know that she is promoting fashionable clothing. Her music is great.

I agree that it is terrible that sweet Lily Allen kicked a photographer. At least she didn’t assault the poor fellow in her new dress collection.

Lily’s music website is great listening. We’ll post another video if Lily visits us and comments. After all, we did it for Alizee when she visited and Alizee makes nice music videos too. What do you say, Lily?

Lily Allen “Smile” Video

Lily Allen is the 21 year old strange glint in her eyes singer/writer who has been tearing up the web at a rate of knots. When she was a young girl- “I was very lonely actually. I went to 13 different schools so never had time to make enduring friendships. Music became a lifeline to me.”

Lily finally left school at 15 when it became obvious her creative needs were not being met. “I always read a lot. It was frustrating moving schools so much because I always felt I couldn’t articulate my feelings as much as I wanted to. Books and music helped me do that. I became obsessed by quite arcane subjects, like second world war evacuation stories and books about 18th century aristocracy. I started to feel like I could have a voice. But I wanted to write about my own world in an entertaining way. So I did.”

Lily’s current listening is not that of an average 20 year old. Even a cursory glimpse at her site shows a breathtaking appreciation of diverse music. Listed amongst a host of current and unsigned dance artists are names like The Specials, Rip Rig and Panic, T.Rex (“possibly the best band ever, ever!”) The Slits, Blondie and Wreckless Eric. Oh, and Kate Bush “when she was my age”, Prince and Eminem.

Lily signed to Parlophone in December. “Since then it’s gone mad. The online support I got for my music grew quickly, then the next thrill was hearing it on the radio. The reaction has been so positive it’s left me reeling a bit. But I’m happy and I know the songs can live up to people’s expectations. I chose to make LDN a low key 7″ release to start things at a decent level ‘ also I know that all the songs on the album are so strong that we have loads more singles in the bag.”

As for nude photos?

The best thing by far is there are positively no naked photos of Lily Allen anywhere.

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6 Responses to “Lily Allen is the new HOT Thing (Photos and Videos)”

  1. 1
    DIC Celebrity Gossip Says:

    She kicked a photographer? What is it about British women and violence? Looks like we’ve got another British celeb mopping and scrubbing floors in the near future.

  2. 2
    Jack Thompson Says:

    “The best thing by far is there are positively no naked photos of Lily Allen anywhere”

    wrong lol

  3. 3
    bob bobhouse Says:

    lily allen sexy as hell

  4. 4
    Joseph Rollins.jr Says:

    Lily I totaly respect what you do. You are very positive about your self and thats what I like about you so much.You are a one of a kind, and thats why like your music. Pluse I also think that you are the hotest girl of all

  5. 5
    stephanie Says:

    Omg everyone says i Look like lilly allen i have like a simular face and eyes lips nose and diples and face shape

  6. 6
    yahela mohammed samir Says:

    bsr ,
    je trouve lily allen belle et charmante ,envie de la baiser .