Francine Cornell: Ronan Keating’s Mistress

May 23, 2010

Meet Miss Francine Cornell. She is Boyzone member, Ronan Keating’s mistress. How about it? I don’t know what is going on in this world but it certainly does appear that these men cannot keep it faithful to their wives. What’s more confusing? Their wives are far more beautiful than these other fame-hungry females. Find out more scandalous details and see photos and a video right here.

Ronan Keating Mistress

The secretive dirty dancing affair reportedly began with his dancer, Francine Cornell, back in Belfast when Boyzone kicked off their UK tour. I know what you’re thinking, how convenient, I couldn’t agree more. Be sure to check out photos and videos below.

As a biography, not much is known about Francine Cornell. She is a 25-year old blonde from Leeds, UK who is a professional dancer. She met singer Ronan Keating as a dancer on his tour.

After 12 years of marriage to his beautiful wife, Yvonne Keating, shocking admission unwinds this week as the Boyzone singer admits to infidelity. Ronan Keating’s mistress, Francine Cornell, proves to be the other woman whom he shared sexual relations with. There was more than dirty dancing going on here!

Even though “she’d heard whispers and rumours about him cheating with Francine during the tour,” the trust that she held in her heart helped her cope with the thought of an affair. As time went on, when push came to shove, Yvonne finally “confronted Ronan with the phone – there was nothing he could say. She ordered him to leave the family home and told him the marriage was over,” according to a source.

Yvonne would eventually see numerous suggestive text messages on Ronan’s cell phone that would confirm her worst nightmare. As of lately, she was seen in Dublin, Ireland outside her house “not wearing” her wedding ring. One can only assume that the couple are headed for divorce.

Mr. and Mrs. Keating were married in 1998 and together, they have three wonderful children: Jack (11), Marie (9), and Ali (4).

A close friend of the singer weighs in on the difficult situation and says, “It is hard for the wife of any pop star when they go off on tour. The separation can take its toll on relationships. Situations that normally would not arise can get out of proportion. We hope Ronan and Yvonne can get through this.”

Not only were fans surprised, but even those closest to Ronan were shocked. Boyzone manager Louis Walsh comments, “I did not see it coming at all. Ronan and Yvonne have always been very close. They were a great couple and spent their time together. It’s come as a total surprise to everyone.”

Astounding or not, I can only hope that Ronan Keating’s mistress, Francine Cornell, has learned herself a lesson. Don’t you see that these men have a family outside of their celebrity? Sheesh. Leave your thoughts about this sad situation in the comment box. Also, see pictures and a video below.

Ronan Keating Mistress Picture 1
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