Kendra Wilkinson Lesbian Sex Tape Video

May 21, 2010

A Kendra Wilkinson lesbian sex tape video is said to be in existence. I know you’re thinking wait, “wasn’t there another sex tape video being shopped around (co-starring Wilkinson’s ex Justin Frye) by Vivid Entertainment?” Yes my dears, this is completely different and raunchier. There is yet another freaky deaky tape allegedly starring the Playboy Playmate and another chick by the name of Taryn and Vivid Entertainment claims to have it in their possession. Only thing this lovely footage includes girl-on-girl action for all of you into lesbian sexual acts. Read more here.

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While still photos and the cover of a Kendra Wilkinson sex tape with her ex-boyfriend Justin Frye have surfaced, things for the blond Playboy Playmate just isn’t getting any better. But perhaps this particular lesbian sex tape won’t upset her husband Hank Baskett quite as much? is saying that they have confirmed the name of her co-star in this particular footage is a female by the name of Taryn. It was confirmed by Taryn’s ex Kavi Cermak that in fact such a tape exists.

For all you sick freaks, just what is on this sex tape? For those of you into sex toys, you’ll be thrilled to know that a plethora of toys were used. And sexy photos of Kendra will more than likely be released of her allegedly straddling another scantily clad woman. A source tells Radar, “This is really, really graphic and showing her in compromising positions; things you would think would be embarrassing for her.”

Sure while Kendra’s ex Justin Frye will be profiting from the first sex tape co-starring himself, don’t feel bad for Kendra. It is being reported that she too will receive a whopping 50 percent commission from tape sales.

So will this Kendra Wilkinson lesbian sex tape put a bigger damper on Hank Baskett and Kendra’s marriage? What do you think? And good grief, will there be a trilogy of sex videos to be released? While Kendra played with Hef’s geriatric balls and ran around the Playboy Mansion nude and did gawd knows what else, I find it hard to believe that ole Hank would be ticked off about a sex tape, let alone a lesbian one.

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