Sam Poueu: The Biggest Loser Contestant

May 21, 2010

The Biggest Loser contestant Sam Poueu may have dropped the pounds on the hit reality TV show but he has gained something more valuable and I am not talking the weight loss tips. Learn all about Sam and how being on the ranch changed his life in more ways than one. There is a video from this season of the show too.

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It has been quite a season of the hit NBC show The Biggest Loser especially for contestant Sam Poueu who not only lost a lot of weight, he found love. That is right love blossomed for Sam and fellow show participant Stephanie Anderson. The two were recently featured in an In Touch Weekly article documenting how they met and fell in love all on television while trying to become confident and secure with themselves. OMG how romantic, that show is really so inspirational! He may not have won the grand prize but Sam certainly walked away with something more important than the money.

Sam was born in the super tiny island of American Samoa. When he was only eight months old he was adopted by his aunt and uncle who moved him to the United States, Rohnert Park, California to be exact. He was residing in Rohnert Park before the show, although The Insider is reporting that after he was booted from the show on May 4th he saw his family then moved to West Hollywood to be with Stephanie. Poueu is a security guard and a youth football coach.

Sam Poueu, a The Biggest Loser contestant on the current season not only went from a weight of 372 pounds to 238 pounds, he found love on the ranch with Stephanie Anderson. Both of them will be there Tuesday night for the live finale of the show. After that Sam intends to continue to meet his weight, nutritional and life goals as well as help Stephanie with hers. Yes it seems that Sam is a big winner in more ways than one.

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