Mark Hardy: NHL Coach

May 21, 2010

Some sickening news hits the wire today as Mark Hardy, assistant NHL coach for the Los Angeles Kings has reportedly been arrested for allegedly putting his hands in places they definitely shouldn’t be, down the pants of his own daughter! Find out more disgusting details and see photos and a video here.

Mark Hardy

51-year old former hockey player and assistant NHL coach for the Los Angeles Kings has been arrested for reportedly sexually abusing his 21-year old daughter. Could this man be any more repulsive? Be sure to check out photos and videos below.

As a biography, Mark Lea Hardy was born in Samedan, Switzerland on February 1, 1959 so his age is 51 years old. He is 5’11 at 195 pounds. He is a former NHL ice hockey player from 1979 to 1994. Following his professional hockey playing career, he became the assistant coach for the Los Angeles Kings.

Apparently, Mr. Mark Hardy was taken into custody yesterday in Washington D.C. on allegations of sexual abuse stemming from “a woman in her 20s.” Moreover, it is said to be a complaint filed from his very own daughter, 21-year old Jessica who currently studies at Georgetown University. When and where you may be wondering?

Unfortunately, Hardy was detained at the Mayflower Hotel. His daughter told law enforcement that her Dad “put his hand down [her] shorts and touched her genital area without her permission.” It is said that this was the place where the alleged sexual abuse occurred.

According to reports, TMZ has posted an update regarding a statement made from the NHL coach and his camp, reading:

“We are aware of the charge. Due to the legal nature of this matter, we will not have any additional comments at this time.”

He is said to be facing misdemeanor sexual abuse charges and will need to appear in court today in front of a judge. Stay tuned!

Your own freaking daughter? Gross. I have nothing more to say other than, if convicted, this incredible sick mind needs all the help he can get! You may leave your thoughts for Mark Hardy, assistant NHL coach, in the comment box. Also, see pictures and a video below.

Mark Hardy Picture 1
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One Response to “Mark Hardy: NHL Coach”

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    todd Says:

    Just wondering if you are going to publish the fact that ALL charges were dismissed with prejudice against Mr. Hardy on October 12, 2010. No word yet on what punishment awaits the daughter, Jessica Hardy, for making the false allegations or how this has affected their family. But it is important to point out this favorable outcome for the dad.