Zeng Xiangbao: Girls Rescued From Secret Dungeon

May 20, 2010

Girls rescued from secret dungeon is the headline straight from China, and Zeng Xiangbao is the suspect. Read more of this incredible story and see video here.


Two teenage Chinese girls were rescued from a secret dungeon today, after being held captive for over a year.

The two girls, aged, 16, and 19, were found naked and with chains around their legs preventing them from escaping. According to reports, Zeng Xiangbao is the suspect in their captivity.

He was arrested earlier in the week on an unrelated rape charge, but thankfully the girls had managed to sneak a note out, which led to their discovery. Despite having tried several other times to sneak notes out in the trash, the time when it really counts is when one was found. Otherwise the girls may have starved to death.

A repair man found a note stuffed in a broken TV saying,

“Help! I have been held in an underground place for more than a year.” The note had a phone number on it, which was to the home of the 19 year old girl’s father and had a sketch of where they were being kept.

Police were called, and officers searched the area eventually finding an underground room, where the girls were being kept. It was just 200 meters from one of their homes. It was covered by boards and dirt.

The girls were held captive since last July and were fed instant noodles. Their names have not been released, and at this time it is unclear if they were sexually abused.

The suspect, Zeng Xiangbao is 39 years old and lived with his 70-year-old mother.

This is so scary, but I am so thankful that these young women were found. Certainly they have suffered a serious traumatic experience, but they escaped with their lives. You can see the CNN coverage here, and video of the similar Jaycee Dugard story below .

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