Michelle Ghent Howard: Terrence Howard’s Wife (Photos)

May 20, 2010

Michelle Ghent Howard is Terrence Howard’s wife! Actually these two have been married since January, but kept it under wraps ever since. Get the story here, and see photos and video below.

michelle ghent howard

Can you blame them? With all of the wild antics of the paparazzi, and the rumor churning blogosphere (ahem), I can completely understand why celebs want to keep as much private info to themselves as possible.

Usually the big name celebs find that all of their efforts end in vain, but if you are a middle-range actor like Terrence Howard, you might have a chance. That concept was proven true this year by the actor and his new wife Michelle Ghent Howard, who managed to keep their nuptials a complete secret for nearly 6 months.

The beans were finally spilled when he casually mentioned “my wife” during an interview with CNN’s Anderson Cooper:

“To come here and be with my wife, it’s the best feeling in the world”

The use of the “wife” pronoun came as a surprise to fans and the media alike this week. Now people are scrambling for information about his new bride.

There is not much available in terms of a biography for her. The only solid piece of information out there is that she is a “commercial production worker.”

Us Magazine appears to be a major player in the breaking of the story. They ran a quote from a source who said:

“Terrence is so in love with her and she’s a great, down-to-earth girl who really understands and loves him for him. He feels so lucky…”

Currently, Howard is on the road promoting the film “Winnie,” which is described as a biopic of Nelson Mandela’s wife. That’s a dramatic departure from his most popular flick, “Hustle And Flow.”

Best of luck to the new couple!

Check out some photos and video of who I think is the right Michelle Ghent Howard, Terrence Howard’s wife below.

michelle ghent howard

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