Kim Kardashian Shape Bikini Cove (Photos)

May 19, 2010

She has one of the most talked about bodies in Hollywood and Kim Kardashian’s Shape bikini cover is going to reinforce what we all know already, Kim’s bod is smoking hot! If you keep reading though I will let you in on a secret about Ms. Kardashian and the newest issue of the magazine, all of which include some fabulous photos of Kim and a must see video. I have your attention now don’t I?

Kim Kardashian 1

Kim Kardashian’s Shape bikini cover is hot, there is not doubt about it. Kim’s assets are highlighted perfectly if you will. Donning a purple two piece swimsuit sexy Kardashian flaunts the body that has pretty much made her famous. I mean seriously it is her boobs and booty that got people talking about her and it will be those two things that will keep people talking about her.

Interestingly enough Kim reveals to the magazine that as a child she was embarrassed by her boobs but only because she was so young, age 10 to be exact, when she started developing. Fast forward about 20 years and the one thing that she used to be ashamed of helped make her a star.

Although to most of us Kim seems to have the perfect body, the reality TV star admits that her body is a work in progress. She too has issues, like cellulite, that bother her about herself but she insists it is all about your outlook and being secure with yourself. Great advice Kim but easy to give when you look like you do.

The Kim Kardashian Shape bikini cover, which you can check out here, shows the hot bod of The Keeping Up With The Kardashian’s star and most of us can agree Kim looks awesome. She may not have liked her boobs when she was 10, let’s face it most 10 year olds would hate that but she is clearly more than comfortable with what she has now.

Enjoy the gorgeous pictures and fabulous video of Kardashian below.

Kim Kardashian 2Kim Kardashian 3Kim Kardashian 4Kim Kardashian 5Kim Kardashian 6

Photos: Eddy/FayesVision/JDH/JCP/Chris Connor/Rachel Worth/Adriana M. Barraza

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