Rachel Uchitel Playboy Photos?

May 17, 2010

Rachel Uchitel Playboy photos! Currently the world’s most famous mistress, Rachel is taking advantage of her celebrity. Check out pictures and video here.

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Rachel Uchitel Playboy will be here soon. The alleged mistress of both Tiger Woods and David Boreanaz doesn’t want her 15 minutes to end so what is a better way to keep ones self in the limelight – posing nude of course. True Hollywood style.

If you’ve seen one vajayjay, you’ve seen ‘em all, except Rachel wont be showing you hers. Nope. She will pose nude for the magazine in sexy and tasteful shots, that exclude full frontal nudity. Because, you know, that is only for the married men who have hefty bank accounts. I tease…

Anyway, it is in her contract that she can pull out anytime before the photo shoot, which is scheduled to happen in the next three weeks, but I doubt she will get cold feet.

Rachel first came into the limelight as David Boreanaz’s alleged mistress, with several text messages leaked to the public about their affair. Then it came out that she may have had an affair with Tiger Woods and was reportedly paid for her silence in the matter. Apparently, she was not paid enough.

I don’t get it, I mean she is so average. She is over tanned, over styled, and kind of old looking. I don’t see who would want to pay to see her pose nude, but not really show anything.

Readers, what do you think about Rachel Uchitel Playboy photos? Will you be waiting to see what these Hollywood men were so crazy about? Or do you just wish she would go away. (That seems to be the consensus among most women, but you know how that goes). Check out pictures and the sexy video of her below, and then leave me your thoughts! I will put the pics up as soon as they hit the net.

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Photos: www.wenn.com/Rachel Worth/ JDH/JCP

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    MArco Says:

    Rachel what a proper prostitute