Ronnie James Dio Hospitalized, Not Dead!

May 16, 2010

The rumor mill is running ramped that singer Ronnie James Dio, who was hospitalized, is dead but I am glad to report that he is alive. So how in the world did this ridiculous rumor get started, well I am going to tell you so keep reading. There are also some great pictures and a video for you to enjoy too.

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Heavy metal rocker Ronnie James Dio has been hospitalized, he is not dead despite a death hoax that has seemed to plague the Internet. Dio has been battling stomach cancer for over a year now. He is currently in a Houston hospital cancer clinic where he has undergone seven rounds of chemotherapy. Ronnie’s wife Wendy, who is also his manager, released this statement regarding all the rumors surrounding her husband.

I am at the hospital and Ronnie has NOT passed away. He is not doing well, but he is not dead. Let us all hope that this kind of rumors will end.

Thanks to social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook a death hoax regarding Dio was taking over the Internet this morning. Many fans and supporters of Ronnie had written their condolences which is unnecessary at this time. The only truth to these rumors is that Dio is suffering from stomach cancer. Ronnie recently cancelled this summers Heaven and Hell tour because of his ongoing treatments that he is receiving. He reassured his fans that there will be more music, more life and more magic. The singer has played with great bands like Elf, Black Sabbath and Rainbow throughout his amazing career.

Ronnie James Dio is hospitalized, not dead at age 67 despite what the headlines are saying. He certainly has a fight ahead of him but the good news is that Dio is still alive and fighting to beat the disease that many are claiming cost him his life.

UPDATE: TMZ has confirmed from his wife Wendy that Ronnie James Dio did in fact die this afternoon. There had been rumors and denials of his death all day long, but sadly the rumors are now true and the heavy metal singer has passed away.

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Photos: Schlein/Rachel worth/C.M. Wiggins/Jenny Potter

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