Ronnie Kroell: Playgirl Magazine Photos, Hot!

May 16, 2010

Rumors of Ronnie Kroell gracing the cover of Playgirl magazine have been circulating for quite some time, but the news has now been confirmed. Unfortunately for you girls out there, sure you’ll get to see some sexy photos of Kroell in the buff but your fantasies of getting him in the sack will be just that…dreams that will never come true. Read more about the Playgirl magazine photos that will bring focused attention on Kroell’s ripped bod.

ronnie kroell

Meet Ronnie Kroell. He was born on February 1st, 1983 in Chicago, Illinois.

Kroell is a sexy young man from the Midwest. Perhaps you may remember him from season one of the hit show Make Me a Super Model on Bravo. He didn’t win the reality show, however he did win hearts of fans and the runner-up title. And if you aren’t familiar with Kroell now, wait until you see the Playgirl magazine picture spread.

And because of his stint on “Super Model”, Ronnie has already landed quite a few modeling gigs. As a model in New York City, he has done some runway work for Philip Sparks, Loris Diran and Malan Breton. As a cover model, he has been featured on both Instinct and Next magazines. He also has an interest in acting and hopes one day to get a gig on the big screen. signed with Dino May Management to further his acting career on the big screen.

In addition to modeling according to his Facebook page, Kroell enjoys such hobbies as “working out, movies/theatre, dancing, fashion, acting, human rights, HIV/AIDs Awareness, and Texas Hold’em.”

About his upcoming Playgirl magazine photo spread, Kroell says it was a hard decision to make to get in the buff and to be erect, nonetheless. He says, “At the time, upon initial contact, it wasn’t really something I saw myself doing. It took me about three months to get to ‘yes’ as a decision. I’m really happy and it was really a fun experience for me because Playgirl immediately saw upon meeting me the artistic vision that I had and what I really wanted to do. The Playgirl people allowed me to share creative control in the process, which allowed me to bring in a high-fashion photographer, and a full fashion team. So on May 15 on the first 15-20 photos will be released then the actual print edition will come out June 15. It was quite a fun time, we shot at the Grace Hotel in New York City and it was all high fashion. There are a lot of surprises and I feel it will take Playgirl to a whole new level.”

You can check out the hot Ronnie Kroell Playgirl magazine photos in the June issue!

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Photos: PNP/Joseph Marzullo/

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