Jamie O’Hara: Danielle Lloyd’s Boyfriend

May 14, 2010

British footballer Jamie O’Hara is model Danielle Lloyd’s boyfriend, and together, they will be welcoming a bouncing baby boy ball player. Find out more revealing details and see photos and a video right here.

Jamie O Hara Picture 1

Danielle Lloyd was big and beautiful, dressed to impress in an absolutely stunning, red maternity dress at the Sport Industry Awards in London. Be sure to view photos and videos below.

As a biography, Jamie O’Hara was born in England on September 25, 1986 so his age is 23. He is a professional footballer. He is 5’11” tall, weighs 159 pounds, and plays as a midfielder in Squad No 5 for Portsmouth. For the rest of the season, he is on loan from Tottenham Hotspur. He is currently dating his fiance, model Danielle Lloyd. The couple announced their engagment in December of 2009 and their pregnancy in March of 2010. Their baby is due in July 2010.

Well last night the Sport Industry Awards was held at Battersea Evolution in London and you can bet that Danielle Lloyd dazzled! Not only is she naturally pretty, but she had quite the baby bump for an accessory! What a cute little mama! Moreover, she was probably pleasantly surprised to see that fellow footballer, Steven Gerrard’s wifey, Alex Curran was unable to show her pretty little face at the event. Apparently, these two women have got some competition or something going on because mama Lloyd had this to say about Alex’s spending and/or parking habits just last week:

“I saw pictures of Alex getting another parking fine recently and I think it’s really thoughtless behavior. Just because you are lucky enough to have money doesn’t mean you can go around wasting it.”

Wowsers, I think I’m on her side!

Could it be the hormones? It very well could be. Dani has only got about 10 weeks before baby O’Hara is due to make his debut! So Danielle Lloyd’s boyfriend, daddy-to-be, has got to be feeling the pressure and the utter excitement for his son’s arrival, nonetheless.

However, so much excitement can really bring the energy-level down. The model recently tweeted her thoughts via Twitter this:

“I feel very sleepy! Have to slow down now, not long before baby O’Hara gets here.”

It is said that earlier this month, Dani was thrown a baby shower put on by her management company in SoHo at the Courthouse Hotel. One can assume that her family and friends gave her a fun and memorable day since the guests were seen bringing in “bags full of baby gifts” for the first-time parents.

Lloyd has been romantically linked to R&B star Ironik previously, and it was reported that they, too, were engaged at one time.

But the wedding bells will ring for luckyy man, Jamie O’Hara, Danielle Lloyd’s boyfriend and the gorgeous mama herself next summer.

Congratulations on all your good news! You may leave your congrats for the couple in the comment box. Also, see photos and a video below.

Jamie O Hara Picture 1 1Jamie O Hara Photo 2Jamie O Hara Picture 3Jamie O Hara Photo 4
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Photos: www.wenn.com/Will Alexander

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