Kendra and Hank Split Over Sextape? (Video): Fashion Fail

May 15, 2010

Kendra and Hank split? Is divorce over the Kendra sextape in their future? Pictures from the video have leaked, check them out and get the details here. Oh my!

kendra wilkinson 2

Well, it seems that the Kendra Wilkinson sex-tape video is indeed out there, as photos from the video prohibido download have leaked.

Of course having a sex tape leak is always a fashion fail, but of course we have some pics of a true fashion fail, tshirt dress posted below.

But first, the fun. Let’s discuss the potential of Kendra and hank splitting from the sextape video, and how big of a FAIL it really is.

Jen: Ummm having a sex tape is always a fashion fail, especially when you leak it yourself

Joan: oohhhh, lord… break out the brain bleach and keep it handy – When I first heard this I thought it might have been between her and HEF!

In the grotto maybe

Jen: man, that was a horrifying thought! definitely an epic FAIL!

Joan: agree though, total fashion fail when you actually tried to shop the tape yourself, then have to go at it with a sleazy company over it.

Well, we love Kendra, but it sounds like she mishandled this one.

Either way, she and Hank always complain about their uncertain future on the show, this could’ve paid the bills for a while if it worked out.

Jen: do you really think Kendra and Hank will split over a sex tape. I mean he already has to deal with the fact that she banged someone older than my grandpa.

Joan: Oh, I can’t believe you went there.

I don’t know… I think Hank genuinely loves her, and he knew she wasn’t exactly a goodie-goodie when they first hooked up

Jen: video prohibido – we will see if it causes a marriage prohibido

Joan: I sure hope not… I don’t see why it would.. they weren’t together at the time, right?

Of course we can’t post the nude Kendra sextape pictures here, sigh, but you can see them here!

Readers what do you think? Will Kendra and Hank split over this sex video? Tell us in the comments below, and come back weekly for our other fashion fails, caption this contest, and dumb celeb quote of the week!

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Photos: Connor

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