Alexis Houston: Matt Lauer Affair? (Photos)

May 13, 2010

Is Alexis Houston Matt Lauer’s affair? The cheating rumors have been swirling all week, along with rumors that he and Annette Lauer will divorce. Read more and check out her pictures and video here.

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Could Alexis Houston be Matt Lauer’s affair? According to several breaking reports, she may be. If you are wondering why her name sounds so familiar, it is because she is Whitney Houston’s sister. Half sister, but still very much related. Now that is a scandal indeed. Especially if this leads Lauer to a divorce.

According to reports, Matt and Houston met on The Today Show. She apparently caught Matt’s eye when she smoothed over some drama when she accompanied Dionne Warwick on the show. The affair is alleged to have gone on for quite some time, with the two meeting up at charities, and traveled together.

A source says, “We all saw through it. Everyone on set knew about his affair. They often stayed in the same hotel, but on different floors.” The affair ended in late 2008, early 2009, but Matt unsuccessfully kept trying to stay in touch.”

Alexis’ rep told TMZ, “The allegations regarding Ms. Houston and Mr. Lauer are false. If they have met at The Today Show, in the past, that would be the extent of their interaction. However, Ms. Houston has never had any sort of relationship with Mr. Lauer and does not even recall meeting him.”

Well, as with most of these rumors, the evidence thus far is scarce. But one telling fact that something most likely went wrong in the marriage; Matt and Annette Lauer have separated and are living apart. Matt still wants to work on things, but aside from this affair, Bumpshack reports that during the winter Olympics, Matt partied with plenty of beautiful women. Check out the details and photos here.

So readers, do you think Alexis Houston Matt Lauer’s affair? Check out pictures of her, along with video below and leave me your thoughts!

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