Sherri Davis: Teacher Beats Student (Video)

May 13, 2010

Teacher beats student is the headline making international news. The alleged teacher beating caught on tape, shows student Isaiah Johnson cornered and hit by Houston teacher Sherri Davis. Get the details and watch the video here.

teacher beats student

This is just scary. A teacher in Houston was caught on video allegedly beating a student after he made fun of one of his classmates. The video, which has gone viral, was captured by another student’s cell phone.

I am not sure how allegedly fits in here, the evidence seems pretty clear. No teacher should get physical with a student, especially to this extent.

Sherri Davis (also being spelled Sheri Davis and Sherry Davis) is a Science teacher at Jamie’s House Charter School in Houston Texas. Isaiah Johnson is a student, who was teasing a special needs child. According to Janiqua Johnson, the student who shot the video, Davis snapped and “just started beating him up. His behavior may have been bad but he didn’t deserve that.”

Davis was immediately placed on administrative leave in late April, when the incident took place, but after the video was revealed she was fired.

“It was horrifying,” said Sue Jones, spokesperson for the school. “There’s just no other word for that.”

The school is also looking into allegations that other teachers stood by and didn’t intervene, saying they will take action if that is the case.

Now I know kids are sassy, disrespectful, and often way out of control, but as someone who has worked as an educator, it is beyond inexcusable to behave in such a manner. You don’t let your emotions get out of control, and violence is not a way to teach anything. There is no way to validate such behavior, teachers are role models and supposed to be a trusted mentor. It is disgusting.

According to reports, Sherri Lynn was not a certified teacher, as Texas law only requires charter schools to hire certified teachers for bilingual and special education.

What are your thoughts on the teacher beats student video? Should Sherri Davis be allowed back in the classroom? Watch the horrifying video below and then leave me your thoughts.

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