Ruth Ford: Hollywood Actress

May 13, 2010

Meet Ruth Ford. She was a Hollywood actress and former fashion model. Following her death less than a year ago, a very luck employee inherits millions! Find out more details about the inheritance and see photos and a video of from her Lady Gangster performance right here.

Ruth Ford

The late Hollywood actress Ruth Ford turns over her estate worth an estimated 8.4 million dollars! You would think that her only estranged daughter Shelley Scott would inherit this amount of cash, right? Wrong! Apparently, her former loyal butler was granted the money bags. Sounds like a from rags to riches story to me! Be sure to check out pictures and videos below.

As a biography, Ruth Ford was born in Brookhaven, Mississippi on July 7, 1911. She died on August 12, 2009 at the age of 98 in Manhattan, New York City, New York. She is most-known for acting and modeling fashion. She attended the University of Mississippi. Ruth performed in Orson Welles’ Mercury plays and was later discovered. She has worked for Columbia Pictures as well as Warner Brothers. You can see the actress and model in the following magazines: Harper’s Magazine (Paris and London), Vogue (Paris and London), Town and Country, and Mademoiselle. In 1941, husband Peter Van Eyck and Ford welcomed a baby girl, Shelley and Orson Welles is her godfather. Shelley was adopted later that year, and her name changed from Shelley Van Eyck to Shelley Scott. In October of 1965, her second husband Van Eyck died and Ford became estranged from her daughter.

Reports say that Indra Tamang, the Ford’s dedicated and devoted servant for over three decades, has reportedly inherited the estate of the Hollywood actress. Cha-ching! Now that makes for a generous pay-off. Tamang For thirty five years, Indra Tamang was the cook and as well as house cleaner for writer Charles Henri Ford and his sister, the actress, Ruth Ford. The butler worked in one of the most sought after neighborhoods of Manhattan. Now the address at which he worked belongs to him.

Apparently Ford has left all of her valuable assets including “two apartments in Manhattan, valuable artwork and millions in cash” and her daughter, Shelley, gets written off. Within the will, there was no explanation as to why her daughter gets zilch, but it sends out a message that clearly appears to need no reason.

Even though Ruths’ daughter did challenge the will in court, she was initially not a part of the will whatsoever. However, Scott was awarded a modest settlement of her mother’s estate. It is said that Ford was not in communication with her daughter since their estrangement, nor was she in contact with her grandbabies.

Unbelievably, actions speak louder than words here in this situation. But good for the butler! Tamang cooked and cleaned for Ruth’s father, Charles Henri Ford. Following his death, he was hired to be at Ruth’s beck-and-call. Of the prestigious gift, he says he is “grateful, honored and humbled.”

Indra Tamang is from Nepal and is 57 years old. Cheers to the butler!

Ford died at her home on August 12, 2009. She appeared in: Orsen Welles’ The Shoemakers’ Holiday, Truck Busters, The Gorilla Man, Lady Gangster, Requiem for a Nun, Sanctuary, and A Breeze From the Gulf.

Tell us what you think of Ruth Ford, the Hollywood actress, who just gave her entire fortune to a former employee in the comment box. Also, see photos and a video clip of her in Lady Gangster below.

Ruth Ford Picture 1
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Photos: Wikipedia/Carl Van Vechten

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