Nancy Alspaugh: Matt Lauer’s Wife

May 12, 2010

Nancy Alspaugh is Matt Lauer’s ex-wife and she speaking out on the current scandal surrounding her famous ex-husband. Learn more about Nancy, her life with Matt and what she is saying about his cheating scandal below, as always there are pictures and a video too.

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Matt Lauer’s ex-wife Nancy Alspaugh has spoken out about Matt and his current spouse separating according to Back Seat Cuddle that is, so take it for what it is worth. Nancy is supposedly claiming she knew they were separated and is not surprised. In case you are confused there are reports going around that Matt and Annette Roque, who he is now married to, are getting a divorce due to a cheating scandal. The rag that started it all is the National Enquirer so take what you hear with a grain assault.

Nancy was married to Matt from 1982 to 1989, when she was a high powered television producer. The couple did not have any children. Since then Nancy has changed her focus, gone are her television glory days and she has made a name for herself educating people on Autism awareness and starting a movement called Fearless Aging. Oh and if those two great accomplishments weren’t enough she is also a published author. The Fearless Aging movement started when Nancy and friend Marilyn Kentz wrote a book called Not Your Mother’s Midlife: A Ten Step Guide to Fearless Aging. Basically what the book and the movement do is encourage women to pull together and face the things that may come their way as they reach middle age or mid life. You can learn more about Nancy and Marilyn’s movement here.

Alspaugh is currently married to Read Jacobson, who is an executive at Fox Television. The couple have a six year old son Wyatt who has Autism. After learning of her sons diagnosis Nancy felt it was important for families of children with the disease to have a place to turn to for advice, support, assistance etc when dealing with the disorder. She created the annual Denim and Diamonds for Autism fundraiser to benefit ACT Today, which she is the director of. The fundraiser is to help families in need and is held every year at her family’s ranch. In the last two years over $200,000 has been raised for needy families who have Autistic children. Wow that is awesome.

She is no longer Matt Lauer’s wife and that is fine with Nancy Alspaugh who has proven to be an amazing activist, advocate, author and family woman.

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