Shontelle Layne: Impossible Singer

May 12, 2010

Shontelle Layne, also known simply as Shontelle, has been in the music for a few years now but it is just recently that the buzz is brewing on this R&B songstress, especially here in the States. Read more about the Impossible singer here.

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Meet Shontelle Layne, or simply Shontelle. Shontelle was born in Saint James, Barbados on October 4, 1985, which makes her to be 25 years of age. Her parents are Raymond and Beverley Layne and she has two younger sisters Rayana and Rhea.

Every musical artist has a story, however Shontelle’s is a favorite of mine. Growing up she was a wonderful athlete and participated in track and field in high school. It was when she graduated high school that she decided to wanted to go on to pursue a career in law. While attending Harrison College she took part in the school’s Cadet junior military program. Following Harrison, she went on to enroll in the University of the West Indies, Cave Hill Campus, which is located in her native Barbados. Interestingly enough, Rihanna was also in the program and get this, Shontelle was RiRi’s drill sergeant. However it was during her studies to become a lawyer that she was discovered. SRC (who also discovered Rihanna) was interested in signing on Shontelle.

Shontelle first became a success in the UK with her debut single “T-shirt”. About her hit song she says, “I really like ‘T-Shirt’ a lot because, when you listen to the song, there’s a lot of elements in there that will definitely appeal to girls. Like even the strongest women at some point can have that guy in their life who, if for some reason you can’t be with him, is gonna have that effect on you – where you’re not gonna feel like going out, hanging out with your girlfriends, partying, or doing ANYTHING. And, if you do miss that person, the best thing to have of theirs is a T-shirt! Because it usually smells like them and you can put it on, curl up with it – and kinda pretend that person is THERE!” Not to mention the hot beat and vocals!

Sure a hit song is always a great thing to have under one’s belt as a singer, but it was her stage presence and the tour opportunities that got the young songstress noticed. Not only has Shontelle had the honor of performing with New Kids on the Block, she has also toured with Beyonce and shared the stage with Rihanna and Akon.

For her new upcoming album, the confirmed tracks are as follows “Licky (Under the Covers)” (set to release in the United States in June of 2010), “Impossible”, “Kiss You Up” and “Off The Meter” ft. Sean Kingston.

Remember the name Shontelle Layne. This girl is going to blow up the music scene with her powerful vocals and catchy beats.

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