Joe Waterman: Jen Schefft’s Husband

May 12, 2010

The Bachelorette has got some exciting news to spill. Jen Schefft’s husband, Joe Waterman and the reality tv star will soon be welcoming a baby to their family. How wonderful! Find out more revealing details and see photos and a video right here.

Joe Waterman

Life just couldn’t get any better for the couple. The former Bachelorette has gone from single to married to motherhood, all so unexpectedly! Bring on the babies! Be sure to check out pictures and videos below.

As a biography, not much is known about Jen Scheftt’s husband, Joe Waterman. However, he is from Ohio and is 35 years old. The couple currently live in Chicago, Illinois where Waterman works as a trader and Jen as a public relations executive. The couple dated for about seven months before tying the knot last May 2009. Together, they are expecting their first child due in November.

According to reports, former Bachelorette, Jen Schefft is surprisingly pregnant! The shocking news certainly caught her off guard reportedly thinking that it wouldn’t happen as soon as it did. Jen exclaimed, “I took three tests because I didn’t believe it was true!” But low and behold, absolutely, postively!

Jen Schefft’s husband seemed quite excited with the news! Jen said that she “put the test in a Ziploc bag and rushed to the train station to pick him up after work”. Following the hand-off, it is said that Joe gave her a “high-five” and they both embraced one another even though they were both pleasantly in awe.

In 2003, Jen appeared on The Bachelor with Andrew Firestone, as the winning contestant but the couple later broke off the engagement. Schefft then returned to television to become The Bachelorette in 2005, which lead to the rejection of two proposals from two contending eligible bachelors.

Even though the couple do not yet know the sex of the baby, Jen says she already has about ten names picked out, but is unwilling to share. The baby is due to make its debut in November.

One can only assume that she will probably keep the gender of the baby a secret as well. A congratulations is in order for the new parents-to-be! Jen Schefft’s husband, Joe Waterman and the former Bachelorette are blessed. Leave your congrats for the couple in the comment box. Also, see photos and a video below.

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