Jenny Lumet: Lena Home’s Granddaughter

May 10, 2010

Let me introduce you to Jenny Lumet, who happens to legendary actress Lena Home’s granddaughter. Now Jenny’s name may not be familiar to you but I am betting you have seen some of her work. Keep reading to learn all about Lumet which includes some pictures and a video.

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The fact that Jenny Lumet is Lena Home’s granddaughter may or may not be news to you but yes Lumet comes from a long line of show business loving family members. Her mother is Gail Jones Lumet Buckley and her father is director/filmmaker Sidney Lumet.

Born and raised in New York City, Jenny caught the acting and show business bug at an early age. She actually got her start acting in her fathers film Deathtrap in 1982 at the age of 15. She made two more movies with her father Running on Empty and Q&A. Other films that Lumet has appeared in include Tougher Than Leather, Assassination and Dodgeball.

Jenny is probably best known for writing the film Rachel Getting Married which starred Anne Hathaway. It was an Award Winning screenplay of which partly focused on interracial marriage. Lumet drew from her own experience growing up as a child of an interracial marriage to help sculpt the screenplay. If you didn’t see this movie then I highly recommend you check it out. It was brilliant and is one of my favorites. Lumet truly has a gift for writing and it shines through in this film.

Lumet was previously married to former Third Watch star Bobby Cannavale. The couple has one child son Jacob. She is currently married to Alexander Weinstein and the two have one child daughter Sasha.

Lena Home’s granddaughter Jenny Lumet may be a part of a famous family but she is proving that she is going to make it in Hollywood on her own accord. Jenny is one heck of a talented woman if you have not seen any of her work you really should. Let me get you started by showing you a clip of interview with her, enjoy.

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Photos: Nelson/Apega/Adriana M. Barraza/Flashpoint/Zibi

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