Top 5 MTV Movie Awards Moments (Videos)

May 10, 2010

So with the 2010 MTV Movie Awards just around the corner, I felt the need to reminisce, and speculate. I have my top 5 Movie Awards moments videos here for you to enjoy, so check it out!

mtv movie awards 1

While the MTV Movie Awards are not my favorite show of they year, I love them for the spoofs. It is the best spoof show of the year for sure, and I am wondering what they will do this year.

Here are my top five moments:
I don’t have to feel like a mean girl for selecting the June 5, 2007 moment where Sarah Silverman sent Paris Hilton off to jail with some rather hash jokes. I do feel bad for how loud and hard the audience laughed, how embarrassing!

The 2003 Matrix spoof is hilariously funny and definitely worthy of second place. Justin and Sean Williams Scott are funny together, so it doesn’t matter that it lasts nearly 6 minutes!

Next up is the 2005 Star Wars spoof with Jimmy Fallon. You gotta love:

“I see you got barbecue sauce on my bathrobe.”
“You have done that to myself!”

And his reference to loving The Notebook, every mans biggest secret.

The Titanic 2 with Ben Stiller and Vince Vaughn is incredibly funny, and entirely weird – Vince was a much smaller man back then!

And finally was the 2009 awards, where Sacha Baron Cohen flew down as his character Bruno, and put his raw behind in Eminem’s face. The big question of the night was – Was it planned? Eminem did seem pretty upset, but one would think he could see what was coming and have time to get up. They later admitted that it was planned, which really goes to show how far Marshall Mathers has come.

So I am wondering – what will the big moment be for the 2010 awards? Something tells me it may have to do with some Vampires…

What are your favorite MTV Movie Awards moments? Tell me in the comment section below!

mtv movie awards 1mtv movie awards mtv movie awards

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