Lena Horne: Legendary Actress Dies at 92

May 10, 2010

One of the first featured African American actresses, Lena Horne, dies at a hospital in New York. She had to work hard to become a star on stage and screen during her day, and became loved by many. Read more about this icon below, with a great video.

Lena Horne

When Hollywood wouldn’t feature her she started singing jazz, and when she turned 19 she became a dancer at Harlem’s Cotton Club. Later she signed a long term contract but faced issues with her race and what she described as the business wanting her to be “an imitation of a white woman.” After a long life of entertaining people, Lena Horne dies on May 9th. CNN has all the details of her legendary life.

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Back to the sad story for today, MTV tells more about the amazing life of Lena. Horne dies, leaving behind a daughter Gail. Let me know your thoughts on this amazing woman’s life and watch this video of her staring in “Stormy Weather.”

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