Hollyoaks’s Bronagh Waugh Sexy Sheer British Soap Awards Outfit (Photos)

May 9, 2010

The stars came out last night to celebrate the British Soap Awards however it was Hollyoaks’s Bronagh Waugh’s sexy sheer outfit, which she wore with no underwear, that has people talking today. I have photos of this rather interesting fashion choice which trust me you need to see and a video of Bronagh doing her acting thing on the show.

Bronagh Waugh 1

Wearing what was certainly the most daring dress of the night Hollyoaks’s Bronagh Waugh’s sexy sheer British Soap Awards outfit was hot and left very little to the imagination. In fact it was so see through that the actress had to go commando, underwear free, for the night. It may have been daring but I say Bronagh pulled it off beautifully, she looked freaking amazing. I know some of you are going to disagree but to each their own.

The dress if you can call it that was black and transparent except for the carefully placed sequins to cover, well barely cover, what the world didn’t need to see. As you can see from the photos the sequins worked and protected her modesty but still the dress left little to be desired. It was a risky move walking the red carpet in the dress but Waugh handled herself perfectly making sure everything stayed in place.

At the British Soap Awards Bronagh Waugh’s sexy sheer outfit was hot and the most talked about fashion statement of the evening. Whether you like it or hate it you have to give Bronagh props for taking a risk and looking fabulous doing it. Plus the dress although see through it wasn’t trashy, I wouldn’t call it classy but it definitely wasn’t trashy. Waugh was nominated for Best Actress however the honor went to EastEnders Lacey Turner.

Alright my Right celebrity friends I know you have thoughts on this dress so let me have them. Seriously how can you not comment there is so much to say!

Bronagh Waugh 2Bronagh Waugh 3Bronagh Waugh 4Bronagh Waugh 5Bronagh Waugh 6

Photos: www.wenn.com/Lia Toby/Flashburst

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