Rasha Spindel: The Biggest Loser Contestant

May 9, 2010

Remember The Biggest Loser contestant Rasha Spindel? If not no worries I am going to remind you all about her plus let you in on the shocking announcement she just made.

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Rasha Spindel who is best known as a contestant on The Biggest Loser, you know the NBC hit reality TV show, made headlines then for dropping the pounds along side her husband Edwin Chapman. Well Rasha is making headlines again and her hubby is involved too. According to TMZ Rasha has left Edwin and is now engaged to be married to Vanna Pecoraro. Yep Rasha had this to say to TMZ about her recent announcement that she is gay.

After 30 years, I finally realized I was gay. I have never been this happy as I am now as I am about to marry my best friend and soul mate who just happens to be the sexiest drag-king on the planet.

I told you making headlines.

The Honolulu born and raised Spindel currently resides in Portland, Oregan. The blonde beauty has been a Plus size model since 2003 and has appeared on the cover of magazines like Skorchmag and Plus. She began her modeling career after signing with the company Q6 Model & Artist management in Portland. This was after she spent years in Los Angles being told she was too big for the Plus size modeling world. Spindel is also a member of The B.B Dolls which is a plus size performance troupe.

It was her stint in 2006 on the hit weight loss show that changed Rasha’s life forever. Appearing along side her then fiance and now ex-husband she dropped over 70 lbs going from a size 18 to a size 10 1/2. Through the show she found the tools she needed to maintain a happy healthy lifestyle.

Former The Biggest Loser contestant Rasha Spindel has left her husband Edwin for a woman. However it is not just any woman, it is Vanna Pecoraro who Rasha insists is her best friend and the love of her life. The couple plan to tie the knot in August of this year.

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