Is Marley Shelton Josh Brolin’s Affair?

May 8, 2010

Are Marley Shelton and Josh Brolin having an affair? Well that is the question on a lot of peoples minds after the couple were caught in an intimate embrace in Santa Monica. Uh oh that could mean trouble since both Marley and Josh are married. I have more on this juicy possible scandal which of course includes pictures and a video.

Marley Shelton 1Josh Brolin Photo 1

Could it really be true, could Marley Shelton be Josh Brolin’s affair? That depends on who you ask and who you want to believe. According to Perezhilton a source told him that after Shelton and Brolin had coffee in a Santa Monica cafe Marley walked away with her arm around Josh, who wasn’t wearing his wedding ring. The duo were also spotted kissing on the lips during this same outing.

Brolin’s rep is blasting tabloids and insisting that Marley and Josh are just friends. The rep further claims that the two embrace all the time and it is completely innocent. I wonder how Diane Lane and Beau Flynn would react to their spouses being so affectionate with each other, especially Diane given Josh’s scandalous cheating past. Marley and Josh have done a number of movies together and you can tell that they have some serious chemistry on screen. You can check out the below video to see what I am talking about.

Is Marley Shelton Josh Brolin’s affair? His rep says no they are just friends and you know what that could very well be true. I guess until there is some other proof or admission then we will just have to take what his rep says as the truth. The truth as they want us to believe anyway. Personally I have my reservations about whether these two are just friends or not. I think there could be something more but hey that is just my opinion.

Ok my Right Celebrity friends give me your two cents on this do you think Josh and Marley are cheating or just friends?

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Photos: Cortes/Nikki Nelson/Fayes Vision

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