‘The Bieber’ Hairstyle: Fashion Fail!

May 6, 2010

‘The Bieber’ hairstyle is more than worthy of the snarky venom put forth in our fashion fail feature. Read more, and see photos and video below.

The Bieber Hairstyle

A recent article in the New York Times describes the look as “…the Flip and Switch, the Flow, or the Twitch: the Bieber hairstyle — with sideswept bangs that end about an inch past where the Beatles snipped theirs off.”

I think the style is an epic fashion fail. As a result, this week I’ll stand atop the mound of good taste, glaring down at the throngs of tweenage boys with the ridiculous ‘Lego man’ hairstyle. I’ll level two Super Soakers full of reclaimed water, then douse them like a tipped over firework.

You see, I learned the lessons of the 80s. One day they will have to look back at pictures and video of themselves dressed in those skinny jeans, with a combed over bowl cut, and yes, they’ll have to endure the snickers of their younger, hipper relatives.

It seems a whole new generation is setting themselves up for such humiliation, thanks to Justin Bieber.

There have been more than a few recent articles written about the unfortunate craze. Even the kids who are requesting to have their hair cut like the teenage pop sensation are ashamed to admit it—some don’t even want their parents to know.

The owner of a Manhattan hair salon for kids told the Times that more than half of his young male customers ask for it, but try to keep it low-key:

“Boys are embarrassed…He’s a teen heartthrob girls love; they don’t want to be associated with that.”

In other words, they want to benefit from what girls like, without being considered a wuss.

Personally, I think he is taking a queue from Donald Trump, a man who knows his hair is ridiculous, but has realized that it has become a sort of trademark.

What do you think about ‘The Bieber’ hairstyle? Check out some photos and video of the look below.

The Bieber HairstyleThe Bieber HairstyleThe Bieber HairstyleThe Bieber HairstyleThe Bieber Hairstyle

Photos: www.wenn.com/Adriana M. Barraza

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