Dina Manzo: The Real Housewives of New Jersey Star

May 6, 2010

Notice anything different about The Real Housewives of New Jersey star Dina Manzo lately, like maybe in her chest area? I did and I have all the juicy details about Dina and this recent change which will include some pictures and a video. Trust me it is not what you think so keep reading.

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Dina Manzo, star of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, has gotten a breast reduction. Yes in a world where bigger boobs are popping up on celebrities right and left, Manzo has gone in the other direction. According to the newest issue of Life & Style Weekly Dina recently underwent a breast reduction after suffering some serious back pain over the last 10 years because of her first boob job back in 2000. In fact this is actually her second breast reduction since getting implants. Apparently the first was a mere weeks after the boob job. Dina went from a 32DD to a 32C and I have to say she looks way better to me.

Manzo was born and raised in The Garden Sate of NJ so it is only fitting that she ended up on the reality TV show that focuses on the lives of women from the state she loves. She currently resides in Franklin Lakes, NJ. Dina has a beautiful teenage daughter Lexi with her ex-husband and is currently married to Tommy Manzo, who co-owns the event and catering facility The Brownstone, which is fancy place for events in NJ. The couple has been married since 2006. Their wedding was actually featured on that god awful show on VH1 called My Big Fat Obnoxious Wedding.

When she is not devoting her time to her family or the show Dina spends time at the non-profit organization Project Ladybug, which she founded. Project Ladybug is focused on helping children with cancer. Along with her non-profit work, Dina also owns and is a designer for the company Designer Affair which is an event planning company. Wow reality TV star, wife, mother and business woman, no wonder she is such a control freak who wants things done her way.

Well the Real Housewives of New Jersey star Dina Manzo may look different, you can see the before and after shots here but if the season premiere is any indication she hasn’t changed a bit, which is good for us fans.

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