Chuck Traynor: Linda Susan Boreman’s Husband

May 5, 2010

Chuck Traynor was once porn star Linda Susan Boreman’s husband. Read more about the man who Linda claims was not only her husband, but her manager and “pimp”.


Meet Chuck Traynor, Linda Susan Boreman’s ex husband. Traynor was born on August 21st of 1937. Chuck passed away on July 22nd of 2002 of a heart attack. Traynor became semi-famous as the one who made Linda Lovelace a notorious porn star.

Traynor married Linda Boreman in 1971 and divorced in 1974. Their relationship was a tumultuous one as not only did he serve as her husband but also her manager. Boreman cited Chuck as her pimp. The union was a disastrous one as claims came out that he was abusive towards his wife and frequently forced Linda into pornographic acts and allowed men to rape her. It has been noted that Linda tried to escape Traynor but was unsuccessful in the attempts. About his relationship with Boreman, Chuck was quoted as saying, “When I first dated [Linda] she was so shy, it shocked her to be seen nude by a man…I created Linda Lovelace”.

In results of a lie detector test taken by Linda, the following findings were said to be true:

* Linda attempted to leave Chuck as she feared for her life while she was with him.
* Being married to Chuck was one big abuse fest. If Linda refused to take part in pornographic acts initiated by him, he would often times beat her.
* Linda was forced to help out with Chuck’s prostitution business and if she refused any part of it she was beaten. The beatings would sexually excite him.
* Linda was ordered when she could use the bathroom and when she could speak.
* Chuck kept the mere $1200 Linda earned from the Deep Throat flick.
* Chuck would frequently hypnotize her.
* Chuck forced Linda to engage in sex with five men at a Holiday Inn hotel. Upon refusal, she would receive beatings and was threatened to be killed.

Lovelace’s sister Barbara Boreman was upset over the natural cause of death that Traynor endured. Rather, she wanted to get her hands on and kill him herself.

In the year 1975 he married porn star Marilyn Chambers, whom he also managed. They were married until 1985.

Chuck Traynor was a controlling man who made Linda Boreman a notorious porn star whether she liked it or not!


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