Linda Susan Boreman is Linda Lovelace

May 5, 2010

Linda Susan Boreman, also known as Linda Lovelace adult star from the 1970’s, is the talk of the net as Lindsay Lohan is set to portray her in the upcoming film called Inferno. Boreman was known for her XXX skills in the very successful Deep Throat porn flick. Read more about Boreman and see photos here.

linda susan boreman

Meet Linda Susan Boreman, also known as porn star Linda Lovelace. Boreman was born on January 10th, 1949 and passed away on April 22nd, 2002. Linda was 53 years of age at the time of death.

Boreman was born in the Bronx, New York and was raised by very strict parents. Until the age of 16, Linda lived in New York where she attended Catholic schools. Because of her determination to keep the boys she dated at a distance, she was nicknamed “Miss Holy Holy”, but that would soon change as the miss goody goody would turn into one of the most infamous porn stars. It was after she moved out to Florida and then back to New York when her life would take a turn for the worse after she experienced a horrible car crash. The crash led to a blood transfusion and weeks of recovery. Because of the nature of her injuries and future health problems, Boreman was forced to move back home under her parents’ care.

It was soon after that Boreman became involved with Chuck Traynor, a man who she claims would be disastrous for her. Not only did he later become her husband and manager, but he also became known as her “pimp”.

Her life as a porn star began after her involvement with Traynor. Linda eventually revealed in her autobiography that she was forced into porn by Traynor who would hold a gun to her head to engage in such raunchy acts. Boreman went on to perform in various sex videos, however it was Deep Throat that she would become notorious for.

After eventually leaving Chuck, Linda married another real winner, Larry Marchiano who turned out to be an alcoholic and abuser. Larry and Linda had two children together before they divorced. The couple was married from 1974-1996.

In 2002, Linda was involved in a car accident where the internal injuries and massive trauma would eventually kill her. About twenty some days after her crash, she was taken off of life support. Her ex Larry and her children were present at the time of her death.

Courtney Love and Anna Faris were once approached to portray Lovelace in an Inferno film, however neither came to fruition. It has now been confirmed that actress Lindsay Lohan will star in Inferno this year.

Many books were written about Linda Susan Boreman and while many people made a lot of money off of Linda, she rarely saw any chunk of change herself.

linda susan boreman

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