Jill Goodacre: Harry Connick Jr.’s Wife

May 4, 2010

This evening, May 4th, 2010 Connick was an American Idol mentor and it had me wondering is this hot piece of a man single? Sorry ladies, Harry has been married since 1994. Read more about Jill Goodacre, Harry Connick Jr.’s wife here.

jill goodacre

Harry Connick Jr.’s wife Jill Goodacre was born in Lubbock, Texas (and grew up in Boulder, Colorado) on March 29, 1965 which makes her to be 45 years of age. Her father is real estate broker William Goodacre and her mother is Glenna N. Goodacre.

Jill married sexy crooner Harry Connick Jr. in the year of 1994. Together they have three children: Georgia Tatom born on April 17th, 1996; Sarah Kate born on September 12th of 1997 and Charlotte who was born on June 26th of 2002. The Connick family currently lives in the state of Connecticut.

While Goodacre has appeared in many of Harry’s music videos, many of you may remember the beauty as one of the main Victoria Secret models in the 1980’s and early (think Gisele Bundchen of the present) 1990’s. Quite frankly, I remember Jill from a Sugar Leonard workout video called “Boxout”.

Goodacre is one lucky chick to be able to have a man play the piano and sing to her anytime she pleases. And Harry seems to be pretty damn happy to have Jill and the girls in his life as well. Harry was quoted as saying, “I have so many women in my life, I wouldn’t know what to do with a guy. In fact I’m probably gay and I don’t even know it! My life is chick power. My manager is a woman, who has been with me since I’m 18, and my wife is a strong and intelligent woman. I have three daughters. My dogs are all females. Even my sister Suzanna… she just got a double medical degree; she’s now a psychiatrist and an internal medicine doctor and she speaks about 10 languages. She’s so impressive. I’m surrounded by strong, intelligent women.”

Jill Goodacre is lucky to be Harry Connick Jr.’s wife.

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One Response to “Jill Goodacre: Harry Connick Jr.’s Wife”

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    I Smell Poop Says:

    It’s good for Goodacre that she married ‘Poop-Pants Harry’ Connick Jr because if she tried to get her old job back the audiance would start screaming: “Put it on! Put it on!” After three children, her days as a crotchless panty model are surly very, very over.