Steve Consalvi: Tasered Phillies Fan (Video)

May 4, 2010

Steve Consalvi has been revealed as the 17-year-old tasered Phillies fan. You won’t believe what he did right before jumping onto the field.

philly phanatic

Finally someone who acts like more of a jackass at a Phillies game than the Philly Phanatic! The video is priceless. The kid was running around like someone who just realized a praying mantis was in their hair; “get it off me!”

Then suddenly he hits the outfield grass at Citizens Bank Park harder than a mishandled fly ball.

So, his goofy-trot across the field must have been the juvenile antics of an impulsive teenager, right? Nope. In fact, he called his daddy first to get the old man’s opinion!

According to ABC News, Steve Consalvi placed a call to his father just prior to the incident. His father recounted the conversation as follows:

“He said dad, can I run on the field?”

“I said no, I don’t think you should; don’t think you should do it, son.”

Thanks to this story, fathers across the country will be able to answer this question in a different way:

“No, son. Don’t run on the field. If you do, you may find your back penetrated by metal skewers, delivering 50,000 volts into your body before you hit the ground. Oh, and you may boo-boo in your pants on the way down.”

Of course any time a taser is used on someone who isn’t wielding a pickaxe, or swinging a medieval mace people cry foul. So far, Phillies spokeswoman Bonnie Clark has defended the officer’s use of the weapon. The District Attorney’s office appears to concur, but that hasn’t stopped critics from raising the potential of a lawsuit.

Let’s get your opinion on this one in the comments section. Was this an appropriate use of the taser? Or a misuse of force?

Check out the video of Steve Consalvi, tasered Phillies fan below.

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