Kama Chinen: World’s Oldest Person Dies at 114

May 4, 2010

Kama Chinen, the world’s oldest person, has left us at the age of 114. Read about her life here, and see photos and video below.

Just nine days before she was to turn 115 years old, the woman who reigned as the eldest on the planet has passed away. She had officially held the title since September of last year following the death of her predecessor Gertrude Baines.

Now another 114-year-old has taken over. This time the glory goes to Eugenie Blanchard of France, who was born in 1896.

It was difficult to track down information about Kama Chinen. Her family has apparently gone to great lengths to keep the details of her life and death private.

Here’s what we were able to find in terms of a biography:

According to the Gerontology Research Group, she was born on May 10, 1895. She lived in Okinawa, Japan and was alive during three different centuries—the 19th, 20th, and 21st.

Her secret to long life was apparently eating an egg sandwich every day. It has been reported that the home she resided in was keen on giving their residents “green tea, miso soup, vegetables, rice and fresh fish.”

Researchers, however, are more apt to suggest that her longevity was aided by a lifetime of not smoking or drinking.

A great percentage of those who live beyond 100 years of age happen to be from Japan. Even more fascinating is that the United Nations believes Japan’s population of centenarians will grow to nearly 1 million by 2050!

The way I see it, the more elderly people, the more jobs. As they grow older and retire, their positions then need to be filled. And as they become unable to care for themselves, more jobs become available in the elderly care field.

Hey, the way things are going for job recovery, 2050 isn’t sounding so bad!

Check out a video related to Kama Chinen, the world’s oldest person (formerly) below. To see her photo, click here. You have to see the CNN video below about Okinawa.

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