Romain Zago: Joanna Krupa’s Boyfriend

May 3, 2010

Romain Zago is Playboy model Joanna Krupa’s boyfriend and soon to be husband. Find out more about Romain and his relationship with Joanna below where you can also check out pictures and a video of Zago too.

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Joanna Krupa and boyfriend Romain Zago are officially engaged. According to The Hollywood Gossip the couple have been engaged for about a month and a half but the world just found out when Krupa changed her Facebook status, don’t you just love the world of technology. However there are some websites out there reporting that that couple got engaged a couple of years ago. Zago and Krupa have been together for about four years.

Romain’s name may not be all that familiar to you but I am betting you have heard of his Miami club Mynt Lounge which is known to be a big celebrity hang out. In fact the club is actually known for having the tightest door policy among clubs in the area which means only the fabulous get in. Another great thing about Mynt is the no paparazzi policy which means the rich and famous can go there to escape the paparazzi.

Other than that he is Joanna’s boyfriend and is a very successful night club owner who caters to celebrities there is not much that we know about Zago. He seems to be a pretty private person even though he is about to marry a famous woman. Well we can also tell by looking at him that is pretty fine, yep Joanna may be a hot model but Zago is hot too.

Yes Romain Zago is Joanna Krupa’s boyfriend, actually I guess you could call him her fiance’ now, the duo are set to tie the knot. Recently Zago posted a picture of the couple on Facebook with the caption “Joanna, the most beautiful person in the world, me average.” Clearly the nightclub owner is head over heels for his bride to be. No word on whether a wedding date has been set or not.

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