Michelle Sychak: Bret Michaels Sister

May 1, 2010

Bret Michaels sister Michelle Sychak is speaking out on her brother’s heartbreaking condition but she is keeping a positive attitude. Find out what she has to say about Bret plus learn more about who exactly Michelle is, come on you know you are curious about her so keep reading.

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Michelle Sychak who happens to be Bret Michaels sister, says that things are definitely looking up for the Poison frontman. According to TheHollywoodGossip.com Sychak told the Todd N Tyler Empire, an Omaha based radio show, that Bret sounded good, well as good as someone possibly can with a throbbing brain. She further said that Michaels was coherent and seemed to know what he was saying. Michelle also made the comment that Bret will outlive us all. Here is hoping she is right.

So who the heck is Sychak, well that is a very good question and one that there are not many answers too. We know that she is one of Bret’s two siblings, Nicole Sychak is the other one. Michelle was born in eastern Pennsylvania but appears to reside in Omaha, Nebraska now. One thing we do know about Sychak is that she is very close with her brother and very protective of him. You can hear her tell a story about their closeness here, she discussed it during her interview the other morning. Other than that there isn’t much the world knows about Sychak, could it be because her brother is just as protective of her as she is of him, you know wanting to shield her from the media etc.

Michelle Sychak is Bret Michaels sister and from a recent interview you can tell the two are very close. Obviously she has a positive outlook on her brothers recovery and she is letting the world know she believes in him. Michelle is one of the few family members to speak out regarding Bret’s condition.

Photos: www.wenn.com/Nikki Nelson

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