Mark Salling: Paris Hilton’s Boyfriend?

April 30, 2010

Is Mark Salling Paris Hilton’s boyfriend? Could she possibly have a new boyfriend after her recent split from Doug Reinhardt? Anything is possible and geez that is fine and fabulous and all, but grieve the end of the three year relationship first. Does Mr. Salling realize that he could possibly be the rebound?

mark salling

Meet Mark Salling, Paris Hilton’s boyfriend, rumored boyfriend that is. So just who is this good looking hunk of a man? Salling was born in August 17, 1982, which makes him to be 27 years of age. He is said to have been raised in Dallas, Texas. Not much biological information is known about Salling at this time.

While Salling is a trained musician, he is most notable for his role as Noah “Puck” Puckerman on FOX’s hit show Glee.

I’m not too sure about the reliability of this rumor, but I’m hearing that OK! magazine is reporting that not only has Paris snagged up Mark Salling, but she has introduced the new guy to her parents. A source says, “Paris is definitely smitten.” Smitten? I’m not quite sure what that means but dang, I’d be smitten too.

Sure Paris may have just broken up with Doug Reinhardt, but apparently she has moved on pretty quickly and is enjoying the single life. So is Mark Salling Paris Hilton’s boyfriend? No confirmation on an official relationship between Hilton and Salling has been released via either of their reps.

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