Hot Twins in ‘Body Doubles’

May 1, 2007

“Body Doubles” is a new show on television which has sizzling hot twin sisters, exactly two aspiring supermodels of each variety.

Having just seen the end of it, my own girlie body was wanting more. I love these sexy sisters! But what is this television show all about? Update: Apparently the beauty pageant was won already by Sara and Bruna Gontijo of Rio, winning the title of “most beautiful twins” in the world.

From what I gathered, they searched around the world for the hottest twins they could find. And some of them are really hot, especially the beautiful sisters in the photos below.

Body Doubles in Rio (Video)

There is no reference to Body Doubles in Technorati, and nothing about the show in the major search engines. Nothing for this year — but there is something for last year, which are these great videos down under.

Maxim has a slideshow for kissing sisters Ashley and Sarah Ummel and also for my personal favorites Giada and Ambra Pusterla. I like how they are sexy and sensual with each other without being bad girls.

Body Doubles in LA (Video)

The website is where they are selling a the calendar and have a million more sisterly pictures for your viewing pleasure. Isn’t that nice?

I hope that one of our readers will explain the show, when I can watch more, and why these sexy models are not getting more attention.

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2 Responses to “Hot Twins in ‘Body Doubles’”

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    Hollyweird Gazette - The Sleazy Celebrity News You Can’t Resist » Freshly Baked Links Says:

    […] Hot twins – Right Celebrity […]

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    Rebecca Chernalis Says:

    Hi, I work for body doubles. Were so happy you got to watch alittle of the show and liked it. I would love to get the writer’s contact info so that I may send her some more info on the show and our 2nd season International search which starts in August. Please contact me at my e-mail address, Love to chat with you.
    Thanks for the great response on the show, we appreciate it.