Grace Miguel: Usher’s Girlfriend (Photos)

April 28, 2010

Meet Grace Miguel, Usher’s girlfriend. Actually the two are rumored to be engaged…and pregnant! Yes, Grace Miguel is allegedly knocked up! Check out pictures and video here!

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Usher is sure moving fast after his recent divorce from Tameka Foster, with who he also has two kids. Grace Miguel was rumored to be having an affair with the singer during their marriage, but now it seems to be an official relationship.

According to YBF, Usher and Miguel are engaged and she is three months pregnant with his child. You can check out a picture of Grace Miguel here, although she has been hard to pin down. She certainly is doing a good job about keeping herself out of the spot light, unlike Foster.

So just who is Grace Miguel? Here is what we know, it is not much of a biography at all. She is a record executive who was once employed at Island Def Jam Records. She was helping Usher with his album, but it caused some issues because his label was a competitor, Jive. Sources told NY Daily News,

“Some people see it as a conflict of interest. She’s still under contract with Def Jam, but Grace seems to be calling the shots behind the scenes on Usher’s album…It has complicated things tremendously. Usher has her calling the shots now. Grace has been taking calls with the big bosses at Jive regarding Usher’s CD, and the label doesn’t like it.”

Grace is also legally married. As far as pictures, well another one was snapped while the couple was at the park with Usher’s two sons. However when the photographer tried to take the picture, they quickly left.

You can supposedly see Grace on the far left, Usher and the kids on the right. See YBF for the picturehere.

Tameka was supposedly pretty upset that Usher allowed Grace around the kids and took to her Twitter to vent.

Readers, what do you think of Grace Miguel, Usher’s girlfriend and the rumors of engagement and pregnancy? Tell me in the comment section below after checking out photos and video!

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