Josh Waring: The Real Housewives of Orange County Lauri Waring’s Son

April 26, 2010

The Real Housewives of Orange County star Lauri Waring’s son Josh Waring has gotten himself in trouble again, apparently Josh has not learned his lesson. You can find out all about Josh and what kind of trouble he has gotten himself into now, which includes a picture and a video.

Josh Waring

Josh Waring, who appeared on The Real Housewives of Orange County thanks to his mom Lauri Waring, who was on the show for several seasons, has been arrested again. The California boy has been arrested for battery on a spouse or significant other and false imprisonment. Dude seriously WTF is up with these reality TV guys beating their significant others. Waring was taken into custody on Friday and is currently in the Central Men’s Jail in Santa Ana where he will remain until he is arraigned.

The reality TV star seems to have a long history with being on the wrong side of the law. There was the marijuana incident when he was under 18, then in 2008 the 19 year old was arrested and charged with possession of heroin and ecstasy with intent to sell. He did serve jail time for this arrest, 240 days to be exact. However less than a year later in 2009 Josh was busted for possession of narcotics and drug paraphernalia, he served only 30 days in jail for this offense. Wow that is quite the rap sheet for the 21 year old.

Thanks to his mom Lauri signing up for the the now hit Bravo TV show, Josh quickly found his life unfolding in front of the camera. The Laguna Beach born and raised boy seemed to be a quite the trouble maker from the get go and I am sure being thrust into the spotlight didn’t help. Josh is the son of Laurie and her ex-husband Phil.

Josh Waring, son of Lauri Waring of The Real Housewives of Orange County fame, is in trouble again, will he ever learn, it doesn’t appear so does it? Now I don’t condone what Josh has done but just watch the below video interview with this mother and you can kind of sympathize with him. I mean she did put him on camera for her own fame and fortune at a time in his life where it probably wasn’t a good idea but hey that is just my opinion. Remember I said kind of sympathize.

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5 Responses to “Josh Waring: The Real Housewives of Orange County Lauri Waring’s Son”

  1. 1
    Monarch Says:

    Lauri and George signed up to go back on the show. They, along with Ashley, are in NY filming the first segment.

    Josh was arrested Friday, Ashley’s twitter page states she and her mom, Lauri were shopping at Fashion Island for a new wardrobe for the Bravo NY trip on Saturday, They left for NY on Sunday – with George!

    Neither Lauri or George will EVER learn…the kid’s will reap what these two morons have sown out of their narcissistic egomania obsessions.

    All the Brady’s are hurting in a mighty way with only 3 remaining.

    Lauri…YOU AND GEORGE ARE NUTS!! Abuse of the children couldn’t be more fitting.

  2. 2
    GaPeech Says:

    When I watched this kid kick the dog into the pool on the show, I knew he could never be saved. He is a psycopath. Lock him up and throw away the keys. He can’t be salvaged.

  3. 3
    marcy Says:

    josh has a lot of hurt inside of him and has for quite sometime.i dont know if he even has a relationship with his dad,but that would of been good if he had a father figure in his life.some parents feel when the child is a certain number of years thats it get going.his substance abuse,brings on a lot of other behaviors in him also.i for one pray for his deliverance and salvation.

  4. 4
    kristal steele Says:

    i think hes sexyyyyyyy!!!

    such a little rebel.

  5. 5
    McKick Says:

    GaPeach I thought the same thing!! Disregard for animals is a huge telltale sign of a sociopath! I didn’t know if anyone else caught that but it made me hate him.