Taya Parker: Bret Michaels Girlfriend

April 24, 2010

Rock of Love Bus winner and one time girlfriend of Bret Michaels Taya Parker is speaking out about the current condition of the rocker she once loved. You can find out all about Taya here which of course includes some hot pictures and an equally hot video.

Taya Parker 1

Taya Parker won Bret Michaels heart on VH1’s Rock of Love Bus but she didn’t remain his girlfriend very long, which isn’t surprising considering most reality show romances don’t last more than like a second. However that isn’t stopping Taya from speaking out about the current condition of her former love Brett. According to RadarOnline Taya is the latest in a list of celebrities to express their feeling and good will towards Bret. There is no ill will between these two ex-flames that is for sure.

Although she is best known for her reality TV gig, before she found herself fighting for the attention of Poision’s frontman, Taya was a model and not just any model. In 2007 she was the exclusive spokesmodel and cover girl for the Penthouse Swimwear calendar. If you look at her you can see why she is hot hot hot. The brown haired beauty went on to be the January 2008 Penthouse cover girl. Not only that but she was featured as Pet of the Month in the issue and later went on to become Pet of the Year. I told you she just wasn’t any old model. In fact she has also posed for some Playboy Special Editions like Playboy Vixen, boy vixen sure seems like a perfect fit for her.

Along with her time on Rock of Love Bus Taya has also appeared on television shows like The Howard Stern Show and VH! Behind The Music. She calls herself an actress but it sure doesn’t seem like she does much acting, well real acting anyway.

Taya Parker, Bret Michaels one time girlfriend, is just as concerned for his heath as the rest of the world.

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Photos: www.wenn.com/Juddy Eddy

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