Shallon Lester: Downtown Girls MTV

April 30, 2010

Shallon Lester is the next normal person to receive her own reality show or something like that. Downtown Girls is the new show on MTV that is set to hopefully replace The Hills as a high-ratings monster. Read more about one of its stars here.

shallon lester

Meet Shallon Lester, a blond beauty and sex and relationship blogger for Not much biological information is available at this time on Ms. Lester, but we will update as soon as we get additional facts.

What we do know is that Ms. Lester is a relationship blogger for fashion magazine According to MTV, Lester takes to her blog to dish on sex, love and relationships and while she is one to give out some pretty fabulous advice, she has a tad bit of trouble taking her own advice when it comes to her personal challenges.

Lester is set to star in a MTV series called Downtown Girls that will center around the lives of not only Lester but also her friends Gurj, Nikki, Victoria and Klo. As the cameras follow them, we get insight to their lives, including their adventures and their challenges as they experience life in the New York City social scene.

The new series is set to premiere on Tuesday, June 1st.

Are you excited to see Shallon Lester in this new reality show?

shallon lester

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