Mickey Sutphin: Larry King ex-wife number four

April 15, 2010

Mickey Sutphin is Larry King’s ex-wife number four. Following his third divorce with Alene Akins, King went on to marry Mickey. We’ve got the details of their relationship here. Read more about Sutphin below.

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Meet Mickey Sutphin, Larry King’s ex-wife number four. Larry and Mickey met in Miami at a radio station in which they both worked at. The couple married on April 19th, 1963. Not much information could be found regarding Sutphin’s life, however once we get additional facts we will update.

Larry and Mickey did have a child together whom they named Kelly. However, after their bitter divorce, Mickey’s new husband adopted their child. Kelly is said to be estranged from her biological father King.

Larry and Mickey’s marriage went sour and ended in divorce on December 6, 1966.

Larry King currently is in the process of divorcing his seventh wife former Playboy bunny Shawn Southwick. The pair both filed divorce papers yesterday April 14th, 2010 citing irreconcilable differences. And things are about to get nasty as Shawn is alleging that King has been cheating on her with…wait for it…her very own sister!

But according to TMZ, Shannon Engemann, Shawn’s younger sister, is saying those claims of cheating are false. She says she is being singled out because King bought her several high-priced gifts. One of the gifts? A $160,000 car. Ok wait. A car for a sister-in-law seems sort of extreme. Doesn’t it? Engemann told TMZ, “This is so ludicrous. She’s singling me out, but Larry has been nothing but generous to our entire family, including me.” She adds, “I’m tired of taking the wrap for things. I did not have an affair with Larry. He’s been like a father to me.” Whatever the truth may be, I have a hunch this is going to be a nasty divorce for King. But, hey he should be used to it by now, right?

Mickey Sutphin is probably thinking, “been there, done that!”

broken heart

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