Alene Akins: Larry King Ex-Wife Number Three

April 14, 2010

Meet Alene Akins, Larry King’s ex-wife. While Shawn Southwick may be King’s eighth divorce but only seventh wife to divorce, the numbers sure as heck don’t seem to be adding up, right? Well it is because Larry divorced Alene once, married her again and then divorced her again. Read more about Alene here.


Meet Alene Akins, Larry King’s third ex-wife. Alene is an ex-Playboy bunny who was married to King from the years of 1961 to 1963. Though their marriage was only a couple years, King adopted Alene’s child from her first marriage. The couple divorced in the year of 1963.

King went on to marry Mickey Sutphin. After King’s fourth marriage to Mickey Sutphin ended on a sour note, Larry and Akins rekindled a spark, only to marry once again. The year of 1967 was a good one for King and Akins as they celebrated a second marriage and welcomed a bouncing baby girl whom they named Chaia.

Unfortunately, once again things did not work out for King and Akins as the result was divorce, making this to be King’s fourth divorce. Akins was the only woman he married twice and divorced twice.

Yesterday, April 14th, 2010 Larry King and his wife Shawn Southwick separately filed papers for divorce, citing “irreconcilable differences”. Southwick is saying that she strongly believes King has cheated with her sister Shannon Engemann. Let’s just hope there is no sex tape floating around out there to prove the cheating allegations.

About the divorce filing, King’s lawyer Susan Carter said, “It’s a very sad day in Larry’s life and he hopes the divorce will be amicable. Larry loves his children very much and will be an integral part of their lives.” No other party has commented on the divorce.

I am sure somewhere Alene Akins is thinking “I told ya so”.


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