See Galilea Montijo in a Sex Tape?

April 27, 2007

Here is sexy Mexican television personality, Galilea Montijo, in photos and video. She has denied the existence of a sex tape, which was claimed by a local radio station. Meanwhile her name has soared to the top of the search engines. And no wonder. As you will see soon, Galilea is hot. Videos below.

Did you like those pics? Sexy videos of Galilea Montijo are below which you will not want to miss.

There are lots of nude pictures all over the internet of Galilea Montijo. And we have seen the sex tape that people are claiming is really her. We actually don’t believe it is her, but rather it is another celebrity hoax.

You can always rely on Jawa for reporting the news so thoroughly.

As a biography, Galilea Montijo was born June 5, 1973 in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico). She is an accomplished Mexican actress. Galilea started her career in television when she won the contest “La Chica TV” in 1993. Her other credits include “La Verdad Oculta”, “El Premio Mayor”, “Azul”, “Tres Mujeres” and “Hospital el paisa.” She starred on the reality series “Big Brother 3 VIP” in 2004, and won the show! She also participated in “Bailando por un Sueño” which translates to English as ‘Dancing for a Dream.’

Galilea Montijo makes a Busty fashion statement (Video)

Galilea in a Hot Pink Dress (Video)

Sexy Miss Montijo in the Shower (Video)

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5 Responses to “See Galilea Montijo in a Sex Tape?”

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    :: Sujet :: Latest celebrity photos and news! Says:

    Galilea Montijo Sex Tape…

    Galilea Montijo is a 33 year old Mexican soap opera star born in Guadalajara. Galilea Montijo’s fame came after winning the La Chica TV pageant in 1993. She is currently the top search term, making it to No. 4 in Technorati. Gossip states t…

  2. 2
    alex Says:

    galilea estas bien buena quiero conocerte y cogerte

  3. 3
    saul Says:

    como estas buena

  4. 4
    Felipe Says:

    Eres una mujer muy guapa y atractiva, y pues que bueno que no seguiste con el cuathemoc, y busca alguien mejor te lo mereces. bye

  5. 5
    MARELI Says: