Sandra Bullock Sex Tape Video Rumors!

April 7, 2010

Could there actually be a Sandra Bullock sex tape? Jesse James has had his name ran through the mud these past few weeks as tons of the allegations have gone public, but could Sandra have a dirty secret of her own?

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This is one rumor that I have a REALLY hard time believing, yet I was surprised when classy, pulled together Sandra married dirty biker Jesse James.

After weeks of mistresses coming forward with alleged affairs, nazi pictures, and rumors of multiple sex tapes, now Sandra is under scrutiny.

There are rumors that Sandra and Jesse have a sex tape of their own. There are some majorly dirty details, that personally I wish I never read, but if that is the kind of thing that floats your boat, you can check them out here.

Sandra has remained out of the spot light since the affair rumors hit the net and has gone into hiding, but when this rumor hit, she did release a statement to People magazine saying,

“There is no sex tape. There never has been one and there never will be one.”

Well, I guess that clears that up. I honestly highly doubt that there is a sex tape video out there, Sandra just did her first nude scene in The Proposal. I doubt someone that conservative in movies would be as naive as to make a sex video, and put herself in the same category as Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian.

In other Sandra news, rumor has it that her lawyers have already drawn up the divorce papers and are preparing to file them. According to the reports, Jesse is rumored to be getting zilch from Sandra’s fortune, as their prenup supposedly had a no cheating clause in it! Way to go Sandy! This lady is far too smart of have any kind of raunchy video floating around don’t you think?

So readers, what do you think? Is there a Sandra Bullock sex tape video? Tell me in the comment section below after checking out the pictures and video.

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