KeSha’s Sexy Maxim Photos

March 28, 2010

KeSha’s sexy Maxim photos are heating up the the April issue of the magazine and let me tell you they are something to see. If you haven’t seen them no worries I have them for you and trust me you will not want to miss out on these. Plus I also have a great video for you too.

KeSha 1

The Maxim spread of sexy and trashy lingerie photos of Kesha are trying to be hot but I have to say they are more dirty and not in a good way. I mean sure she looks good but in all the pictures she looks like she is trying way too hard to be something she is not.

Although she is wearing some pretty barely there and smoking hot lingerie it isn’t really what she is wearing that is the problem it is the singer herself. She is dressed to kill yet she just looks pissed off in every single shot. You can click here and see the entire layout so you can understand what the heck I am talking about.

Many refer to the Nashville singer and songwriter as a one hit wonder. Well they may be right about that but she certainly isn’t going to give up her 15 minutes of fame. In fact she looks to be pulling out all the stops to make sure she stays in the spotlight.

The April issue of Maxim features sexy Kesha photos or an attempt at that anyway. As I said before I found it to be more on the trashier side, which would be ok if it screamed sex at all but it doesn’t. Hello everyone knows what sells the magazine and I just don’t see this spread as being able to do that. Don’t get me wrong she doesn’t look bad, just not smoking hot.

Alright I want to know your thoughts so tell me what you think of the pictures?

KeSha 2KeSha 3KeSha 4KeSha 5KeSha 6

Photos: www.wenn.comy/daniel Deme/Adriana M. Barraza/Dominic Chan/Lia Toby

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    monopapila Says:

    saludos kesha bonias nundo + limache