Melissa Smith: Jesse James second alleged mistress

March 24, 2010

Another woman has crawled out of the woodwork claiming that she had an affair with Sandra Bullock’s husband. Melissa Smith is Jesse James’ second alleged mistress. Read more here about Smith.

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Hey Jesse James, does the name Melissa Smith ring a bell? Well in case you didn’t know, Melissa Smith is Jesse James second alleged mistress. Do we have another Tiger Woods on our hands here? Hmm. Now that Michelle McGee aka Michelle Bombshell McGee came forward to share details of her 18-month alleged affair with Sandra Bullock’s husband, another woman is claiming she also had sexy time with Jesse. Melissa Smith is a tattoed woman, just like McGee. And get this, she is also a stripper. It seems James has a “type”, other than the classy Sandra Bullock.

Melissa Smith is telling Star Magazine about her alleged affair with Jesse James, saying that it lasted for two years. Yes, two years! (For those of you who didn’t know, Sandra has been married to Jesse for five years.) Smith is also claiming that James pursued her. And get this, he apparently called himself the Vanilla Gorilla. How hot is that? Pretty lame if you ask me.

So what exactly do we know from Smith regarding her alleged affair? Well, she is telling Star magazine that she met James online and during their meetings she and Jesse ended up having “lots of unprotected and crazy sex.”

Smith is also a bit of a troublemaker as she was put in the slammer last year for a DUI and beating up a police officer. Wow, Jesse sure knows how to pick them! I can’t even begin to imagine how Sandra must feel. Will there be more Jesse James mistresses to pop out of the woodwork? Not that two, let alone one, isn’t bad enough. Whether we like it or not, I’m sure we’ll be hearing more about Melissa Smith and Michelle McGee for days to come.

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