Christine Baumgartner: Kevin Costner’s Wife

March 17, 2010

Yet, another congratulations are in order. Meet Christine Baumgartner, she is Kevin Costner’s wife. Together, they are reportedly expecting another baby! Find out more exciting news and see photos and a video below.

Christine Baumgartner 1

So what will it be for the couple of two? Could it be pink or could it be blue? Reportedly, Kevin Costner is expecting baby number seven!

As a biography, Christine Baumgartner is from Germany and is 35 years old. She has modeled and designed handbags. She is most-known for marrying her actor husband Kevin Costner. The couple met and started dating in 2000. On September 25, 2004 they wed in Aspen, Colorado. A few years later, they welcomed their son, Cayden Wyatt Costner (b. May 6, 2007). Following, another son Hayes Logan Costner (b. February 12, 2009). Kevin has three other children with his first wife, and one child with a woman in a brief relationship.

According to reports, Kevin Costner’s wife, Christine Baumgartner is pregnant! The couple are happy to announce that they are expecting and excited to welcome their third child together. A representative for the beautiful duo said that they are due in June.

Kevin already has four older children from two relationship previously. His first wife, Cindy Silva produced three children: Annie (25), Lily (23), and Joe (22). Also, with ex Bridget Rooney, together they have a son, Liam (13).

Lately, the actor finished production for “The Company Men” which co-stars Tommy Lee Jones, Ben Affleck, and Chris Cooper.

(Tidbit) Kevin Costner last appeared in the 2008 movie “Swing Vote”.

Well congratulations to the both of you! Best of luck to Kevin Costner’s wife, Christine Baumgartner, in the remaining weeks of your pregnancy! We will keep you updated when the time comes to welcome the new baby Costner to the world! Until then, you may leave your congrats in the comment box. Also, see pictures and a film below.

Christine Baumgartner 2Christine Baumgartner 3Christine Baumgartner 4
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One Response to “Christine Baumgartner: Kevin Costner’s Wife”

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    marie piccola Says:

    Hi guys! Congrats on the new baby! Actually that is old news! Kevin – great work on saving the dogs. I know of your true love of the labradors. I also am fond of them. I cannot have a dog since I am ill. I enjoy watching your movies from my bed….they help me forget the pain and the situation I am in. I am probably the biggest fan ever for both you and Christine and of course the fam! I have 2 girls – one married with a beautiful baby girl and one at Penn State Main campus for architecture. My baby (age 18) is the one I worry about. She is very intravert like. She does not think she needs friends or boyfriends … all she wants is to be a famous architect and she is working her but off doing it. So far she has a 4.0. You think we would get all kinds of aid since I am sick but no such luck. Just keep on making movies and singing so I may one day get better! I mean it – #1 fan here! I would love to hear you sing live one day… that is my one wish that I have expressed to my fam!But I am unable to travel on a commercial plane right now. My immune system sucks! hahaha take care and enjoy your babies! I am loving mine! I am 42 and a grandma – who would guess? I wish I lived closer – maybe one day I could meet you all in person… but I live in North Versailles, PA! Can’t wait for the next film…kevin – you really are a great diversion from a somewhat crappy life. Being sick is no fun. ANd I love to have fun! Well enough chit chat – it is 2:45 am and I have to try to sleep – hahahah again. Take care to all of you and maybe one day… Marie